All About Hearing Loss

     Hearing loss or deafness is a great problem in many people. Our ears are one of the most delicate part in our body so if you are feeling the slowly loss of your hearing, all you got to do is to prevent further damage. Could you imagine yourself living in this modernized world and seeing the wonderful creations of God without hearing anything? It might not be an issue to you, but for many this can be a disaster. Actually, there are many causes of hearing loss and most of which we still cannot do much about in spite of the advancements in medical technology. People may experience hearing loss at any age, anyone can have this problem, and even babies may experience this. The loss may be permanent, mild, or severe.Two most common causes of hearing loss:

1.     NOISE – this cause affects people in all ages. The reason behind this is because of too much noise or high volume of sounds and an exposure to it may lead to deafness or hearing loss.

2.     AGE – as one grows older a lot of changes occur and one of those is the sense of hearing. Older people have greater possibility in experiencing hearing loss.

The most common symptoms:
When a person starts to notice or feel the loss of hearing, the most common symptoms is that he or she cannot understand what other people say because it’s difficult for them to hear, the volume of the television and radio is too high unlike the normal, having a feeling that the ear is plugged and it is also accompanied with pain in the ears or itchiness which causes irritation. You might be experiencing this kind of symptoms, so as early as possible, you must consult your doctor to know your diagnosis or what is the right thing to do.

The treatment depends upon the case of your hearing loss and the doctors knew what its remedy, but there are several treatments such as: using hearing aid devices, removing the ear wax or taking the prescribe medicine against ear infection.

One common questions is, can it be prevented? Well basically yes! Hearing loss can be prevented in a way that one must avoid too much noise or high volume of music, instruments and machines. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Take good care of your hearing ability because it is one of the most important senses a human being has – the sense of hearing. Start living a healthy lifestyle and avoid hearing loss today!